About Us

Welcome to Train 2 Day


Train 2 Day is an award-winning short basic courses training provider, delivering market-leading training to businesses and care professionals around the globe. 

With content written by training specialists, Train 2 Day has earned an impressive track record for engagement and repeat customers.

What sets Train 2 Day apart from the competition is its focus on usability.

Train 2 Day can also supply managers with highly relevant data on corporate training programs, allowing them to make the most out of their investments.


Our Courses

Our fully-accredited courses have won a significant amount of acclaim in recent years.

We build our courses with two priorities in mind: engagement and retention.

Our goal is to help you develop a practical understanding of how your new knowledge can be applied in real-world scenarios.


Our Team

Train 2 Day benefits from having an experienced and diverse team of tutors. This allows us to create short courses designed purely with learners in mind

To ensure our short courses meet the highest standards, we also work with a number of industry-leading subject matter experts. They provide valuable practical case studies and instructor-led videos, providing learners with crucial insight.

Basic Fire Safety Awareness

This training is for anyone working in, or wanting a career in the care, NHS sector who wants to open up promotion opportunities or to move into . Email us for more information.

Basic Food Safety – Catering

This Basic Food Safety course is suited for anyone working in a catering, manufacturing, retail, care or NHS setting where food is prepared, cooked and handled. Email us for more information.

Workplace Health and Safety

The course has a very wide audience as it applies to a wide range of sectors and can be included as part of the induction process in most businesses and the care/ NHS sector. Especially when combined with other more specific health and safety courses that apply to the candidates role. Email us for more information.